The full COVID-19 report for June 28-July 4 appears below.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Increases in COVID-19 hospitalizations in Clark County have accelerated since mid-June, growing much faster than the increase in cases.

Hospitals in Clark County had 58 more COVID-19 patients over the past week — a 15.5% increase in just a week — with 432 people hospitalized. Statewide, hospitals have 533 COVID-19 patients, with 64 in intensive care and 22 on ventilators.

The surge in hospitalizations is part of the reason Clark County remains at “high” community level for the virus — a determination made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC updates its numbers on Thursday.

The 14-day moving average of new cases in the county shows a 6.3% increase since the previous week — 708 new cases per day, compared to 666 the week before. The number tells the average number of cases per 100,000 population.

Statewide, the 14-day moving average of new cases was at 923 — up 6% from last week.

Nevada reported 35 deaths, with 29 in Clark County.

Wastewater surveillance showed a high amount of COVID-19 DNA in samples taken at one of three monitoring stations in Pahrump in Nye County, but only small numbers or minor increases in other parts of Southern Nevada. In eastern Pahrump a viral count that was at 7,037 in mid-June skyrocketed to 56,200 on June 23. The viral counts are not the same as individual cases — the counts are just indicators that the virus is present in the community, and often the increases come before anyone in the community gets sick.

The only increase of note in the Las Vegas valley came from a Clark County monitoring station, where the viral count increased from 501 to 794 in the week ending June 28.

A report on the variants present in Southern Nevada shows omicron (BA.2.12.1) has taken over as the dominant variant at 64.8% of the cases analyzed by SNHD. That variant has been growing nationwide. The original omicron variant and the omicron “stealth” variant — omicron (B.A.2) — weren’t detected in Clark County, but only 196 samples were reported.

Two other strains that only appeared in Clark County last month: omicron (BA.4), omicron (BA.5) are growing. Variants (BA.4) and (BA.5) were first seen in South Africa.

A look at vaccinations shows that 57.64% of all eligible Nevadans are now fully vaccinated. Statistics show that 68.69% of the population has initiated vaccination. Approval for a second booster dose has been approved for people 50 and older, and people age 12 and older who are immunocompromised. SNHD began offering vaccinations for children ages 6 months to 5 years old two weeks ago.

COVID-19 vaccines, available for free, greatly reduce the chance of severe illness or death.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average) 708 — up from 666 last week
  • Total cases: 544,122*
  • Deaths: 29 since last week (total: 8,660)
  • Hospitalizations: 432 (up 58 since last week)
    *-A difference in case counts exists between SNHD and the state. SNHD has reported for several weeks that it is working to address the difference. By SNHD’s current count, Clark County has had 555,096 cases as of this week.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average) 923 — up from 870 last week
  • Total cases: 720,384
  • Deaths: 35 (total: 11,074)
  • Hospitalizations: 533 (up 78 since last week)

The state and county are now providing weekly updates on COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Data released today includes information collected from Tuesday, June 28, through Monday, July 4.

8 News Now did not report on COVID-19 numbers last week. See the June 15 report here.