The full COVID-19 report for June 7-13 appears below.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — COVID-19 cases are growing in Clark County, up more than 21% over last week according to the state’s 14-day moving average. Hospitalizations jumped by 75, a 27% increase.

The county’s “Community Level” for risk of infection was elevated to “high” late last week, and many people are following Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) advice to wear masks indoors in public places. An increase in hospitalizations prompted the elevated risk status.

The data used to set the Community Level is released on Thursdays by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is based on data provided by SNHD.

The 14-day moving average of daily cases climbed from 599 to 728 in Clark County, with state data showing 6,513 new cases. The case rate had actually dropped slightly last week in statistics provided by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Statewide, the 14-day moving average of new cases hit 943 — up nearly 22% over the past week.

In its weekly update, the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) notes that COVID-19 hospitalizations are increasing in Clark County, Washoe County and Carson City — all the state’s metro areas.

There are currently 61 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units statewide — more than double over the past three weeks. Of those, 15 are on ventilators.

“Nevada has been experiencing steady increases in COVID-19 hospitalizations since late April. Nevada’s hospitals and public health agencies report employee illness and increased absenteeism,” NHA reports. “Nellis AFB (Las Vegas) has reinstituted indoor mask mandates, irrespective of vaccination status.”

NHA also said that Paxlovid has limited benefits for patients not at risk of severe disease.

Clark County reports 26 deaths. Statewide, 32 deaths were reported over the past week.

Wastewater surveillance showed relatively small increases in levels of COVID-19 genetic material in the Las Vegas valley. That data helps health officials see COVID-19 levels increasing before people even feel sick.

Outside the valley, higher levels were detected in Pahrump and Laughlin.

A report on the variants present in Southern Nevada shows the omicron “stealth” variant (BA.2) is the dominant variant at 66.4% of the cases, with the latest form (BA.2.12.1) accounting for 33.6% of cases analyzed by SNHD. The BA.2.12.1 variant has been growing nationwide, but increased only slightly in Southern Nevada over the past week. The original omicron variant didn’t show up this week.

A look at vaccinations shows that 57.53% of all eligible Nevadans are now fully vaccinated. Statistics show that 68.47% of the population has initiated vaccination. Approval for a second booster dose has been approved for people 50 and older, and people age 12 and older who are immunocompromised.

COVID-19 vaccines, available for free, greatly reduce the chance of severe illness or death.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average) 728 — up from 599 last week
  • Total cases: 527,797*
  • Deaths: 26 since last week (total: 8,574)
  • Hospitalizations: 351 (+75 since last week)
    *-A difference in case counts exists between SNHD and the state. SNHD has reported for several weeks that it is working to address the difference. By SNHD’s current count, Clark County has had 541,213 cases as of this week.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average) 943 — up from 773 last week
  • Total cases: 698,859
  • Deaths: 32 (total: 10,967)
  • Hospitalizations: 410 315 (+95 since last week)

The state and county are now providing weekly updates on COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Data released today includes information collected from Tuesday, June 7, through Monday, June 13.

See last week’s report here.