The full COVID-19 report for Nov. 15-21 appears below.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More attention to RSV and flu cases in recent weeks has taken the spotlight off COVID-19, cases, but hospitalizations have continued to increase steadily since mid-October.

And now, new COVID-19 variants are causing illnesses.

Clark County hospitals have 240 COVID-19 patients as of Monday, according to information provided by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. Statewide, the total is 285. That compares to 92 flu patients statewide reported this week by the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA).

COVID-19 cases are declining in Clark County after a big jump in early November but the virus is keeping a persistent presence. The 14-day moving average (per 100,000 population) is now at 159 cases each day in the county, and 219 for the whole state. It’s a 10.1% improvement for Clark County, and a 5.1% improvement statewide.

While cases remain relatively low, hospitalizations are approaching levels in early August — just before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reduced Clark County’s “community level” to “low.” Currently, the only county in Nevada that is not at “low” is White Pine County, which has a “high” community level.

And the virus continues to reinvent itself. Information from the Southern Nevada Health District shows that the dominant variant in Clark County’s cases is now COVID-19 BQ.1 (33.6% of cases), followed by COVID-19 BQ.1.1 (25.2% of cases). That variant has only emerged here over the past 30 days.

Reports indicate BQ.1 is resistant to all available monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19. The percentage of cases attributed to BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 are similar to national averages.

Reports on variants detected in Clark County resumed this week after updates were not posted the previous two weeks.

Deaths continue, with 22 deaths reported in Clark County in today’s weekly update. Statewide, 24 deaths were reported. Nevada’s total number of deaths from the pandemic now stands at 11,624, with 9,080 from Clark County.

Updates have stopped on the page devoted to reporting on wastewater surveillance. We will continue to monitor for updates in the future.

Variations in week-to-week counts can exaggerate the seriousness of the problem when case numbers have dropped, but the numbers are a reminder that the virus is still present in the community. If you have symptoms, get tested and avoid spreading the virus to others. If you haven’t been vaccinated, go to the Southern Nevada Health District’s website for information on getting a shot, or updating your immunity by getting a booster.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average, per 100,000 population) 159 — down from 177 the previous week.
  • Total cases: 602,566*
  • Deaths: 22 since last week (total: 9,080)
  • Hospitalizations: 240 (up 38 from the previous week)
    *-A difference in case counts exists between SNHD and the state. By SNHD’s current count, Clark County has had 585,454 cases as of this week.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average, per 100,000 population) 219 — down from 231 the previous week.
  • Total cases: 794,587
  • Deaths: 24 since last week (total: 11,624)
  • Hospitalizations: 285 (up 31 from the previous week)

The county’s COVID-19 community level moved to “low” on Aug. 11, and has remained there, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

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