LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Nevada lawmakers continue to try and secure more vaccines, medical experts say it is important to disperse the allocation we do have.

Over the past few weeks, we have learned of more and more locations administering the vaccine. Next week, the Las Vegas Convention Center will offer second doses, and another clinic is planned.

This is all something medical experts would like to see more of.

“Nevada has been very low on the vaccine allocation,” said Dr. Johan Bester, UNLV director of bioethics.

As the Silver State struggles to get vaccines, Bester says it is important to spread the vaccines out that we do get.

“As we get more and more vaccine, we should really be rolling it out, having more vaccine outreach and vaccine clinics,” the doctor stressed.

Friday, a prototype clinic was held at Jerome Middle School for those 70 and older. It was located on the east side of Las Vegas strategically because that is one of the hardest-hit areas of the state.

“It is a work of progress, but we are trying to duplicate what we did with the testing,” said Tick Segerblom, Clark County commissioner for District E.

He shared this is the first of many they want to have.

In the past, the “Esta en Tus Manos” campaign worked on COVID-19 testing outreach within the Hispanic community. This community still makes up 30% of cases.

Segerblom says outreach is key.

“Part of this process is going to be reaching out to the community, have people vaccinated, have them go back to their homes, to their neighbors and say, ‘I did it, no problem,'” he explained.

Boulder City is starting to vaccinate those 65 and older.

Tuesday, the convention center will start offering second doses.

Bester says the more places, the better.

“The more we roll out the vaccine, we can see how safe it is,” he said. “Over 20 million have been administered in the U.S.”

A reminder, you can only get your second dose at the convention center if you received your first dose from the Southern Nevada Health District.