LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New York City will soon require customers to show proof of vaccination when going to indoor businesses. It’s a major move in the effort to increase vaccination rates.

But what if that happened here in Las Vegas?

It’s important to point out that no vaccine requirement for customers exists in Southern Nevada right now. But if that were to happen, and we had to show our vaccination cards to dine inside or watch an indoor performance, the businesses 8 News Now spoke to say they’d be prepared.

“What’s most important is safety,” stressed Tom Michel, president of the Nevada and Vegas Rooms.

At The Nevada Room, customers can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a musical show. The restaurant-performance space hybrid is exactly the kind of place that would require proof of vaccination if it were in the Big Apple.

Michel tells us if Las Vegas went down the same path, he’d be ready.

“I think we would adjust to it,” he said. “You know, we adjusted to masks; we adjusted to 50 different protocols that we put in place.”

He’s already hearing some people say they’re worried to go to indoor venues due to the Delta variant. So, to avoid a worse situation and to keep business thriving, Michel is all for a vaccine requirement.

“I would much rather have that kind of a mandate than a shutdown again,” he shared.

Liam Dwyer, owner of 7th & Carson Downtown Kitchen & Bar, worries a vaccine mandate will hurt business. Still, he says safety is first.

“I agree with whatever we can do to keep our customers and our community safe,” he told us. “I mean, does it sound extreme to me today? Yes. But six months from now, it may seem that it was necessary.”

Dwyer also says he’d rely on his outdoor seating if a customer does not have proof of vaccination with them.

Everyone agrees we just need to take things one step at a time.

“We just have to keep navigating through this until we can put this behind us,” said Michel.

The mandate in New York City will be fully enforced by mid-September.