LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More and more treatments and ways to prevent COVID are coming out weekly.

Infusion therapy is now in high demand after COVID is forcing many to steer clear of hospitals and medical offices.

Sheri Goldstrom is doing what she can to stay healthy and avoid getting sick during the pandemic. She is now using a home immune remedy. “Nowadays, it’s so important to worry about your health and take care of yourself,” Goldstrom said.

She is hoping to get a boost in her health after feeling under the weather over the last few days.

“I thought I had COVID last week but it was just a bad cold,” Goldstrom said. “It went through my entire family.”

She is one of many seeking Reset IV, an immune home treatment packed with vitamins, amino acids and powerful antioxidants that helps build up her defenses. Reset IV nurse James Matos explains how it works.

“It goes directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the intestinal tract so your cells can get it more effectively and faster than supplementation,” Matos said.

“There is a misconception that you only have access to this in emergency rooms or urgent cares, which is true. But we are now delivering that highest quality in the comfort of your home,” said Daniel Rubenstein, CEO of Reset IV.

As omicron continues to sweep across the country, telehealth is exploding, according to the CDC. Residents like Goldstrom are doing what they can to protect themselves because vaccinations can only do so much.

“They make you feel like an amazing person when you are done,” Goldstrom said. “With COVID and all the crazy things going on in the world, wellness is the most important factor.”

Goldstrom said the effects of the IV usually kick in between 30 mins to a few hours after the treatment, but it’s done at home or at work — away from the crowds.