LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to require employees to wear face masks while in indoor public spaces.

Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a statement on the vote, which reads:

I support the Clark County Commission for using their local authority to issue this mitigation measure amid significant community transmission in Southern Nevada and as we continue our joint effort to increase access and confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.

State agencies and leaders are working every day with my Office in joint unity with local leaders and health districts to combat recent increases. The State remains completely committed to provide every resource and support available to all of our counties as we see a rise in cases among the unvaccinated, driven by the Delta variant. 

If you are not vaccinated, or if you know someone who is not vaccinated, now is the time to get your shot and ensure that Nevada continues on our path to recovery.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D)

The White House COVID-19 Team once again labeled Clark County a “sustained hotspot” Tuesday under its “area of concern continuum” for new COVID-19 infections.

A “sustained hotspot,” a label the county has had since reports dating back to July 5, is defined as a community that has “had a high sustained case burden and may be higher risk for experiencing healthcare resource limitations.”

Nevada is one of nine states identified as a high transmission state in the national report.

New state COVID-19 cases jumped by more than 1,000 on Monday, with 889 reported in Clark County — that’s about 88% of the state’s cases.

The last time the state recorded more than 1,000 cases in a single day was in late January of this year.

The state’s test positivity rate climbed from 12% to 12.4%, with Clark County hitting 13.8%.

The number of COVID-19 patients in Nevada hospitals jumped by 36 to a total of 930, according to data released Tuesday.

The number of coronavirus patients in Nevada hospitals jumped by 75 to a total of 894, according to data released Monday. Hospitals reported 196 of those patients were in intensive care units, and 92 were on ventilators — all levels Nevada hasn’t seen since mid-February.

New state COVID cases jumped by more than 2,000 since Friday, with 1,900 reported in Clark County. About 92% of the state’s cases came from Southern Nevada.

“Late last week, the Southern Nevada Health District posted increased case counts and positivity rates for COVID-19 in Clark County,” the agenda item specifies. “Pursuant to the governor’s directives, enforcement measures for the pandemic now rest with county officials. The county commissioners have the authority to implement measures on businesses and activities open to the public which may assist in the fight against the heightened spread of the disease, and under emergency powers granted to the board, may adopt such measures.”

Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak handed over local COVID mitigation to counties on May 1. Clark County lifted all restrictions June 1.

A White House report released Friday showed the Las Vegas metropolitan area ranked No. 1 in COVID transmission for areas with more than 1 million people.

On Friday, the Southern Nevada Health District recommended that people wear masks indoors in public, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not.