LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many people in the state may be confused following a decision to overturn the nationwide eviction moratorium. The judge is allowing the rent suspension to continue while considering an emergency request by the White House.

And as the eviction status of renters across Nevada continues to be unclear, both landlords and their tenants are concerned as the waiting game continues.

Nevadans are still searching for answers, as the deadline for those living rent-free comes to an end on May 31.

Right now, we are in a waiting period,” said Susy Vasquez, the executive director of the Nevada State Apartment Association. “It could be two weeks; it could be six months.”

The eviction ban, initially put in place last year, provides protection for renters. But there is a difference between the state and nationwide moratoriums. Vasquez explains.

“The state moratorium covers more people from eviction whereas the CDC order has certain types of evictions that are protected,” Vasquez said. “Gov. Sisolak is in control of the state moratorium, and the CDC order does not affect that. However, once governor Sisolak eviction moratorium ends at the end of May, then the CDC order takes over at the end of June.”

Realtor Liz Trujillo says the tenants she works with are scared.

“Tenants are struggling not knowing what is going to happen. Are they going to qualify if this person asks me to leave in 30 days,” said Trujillo.

Tenants aren’t the only ones struggling. Landlords who welcomed the initial decision made by the federal court Wednesday are just barely hanging on as well, according to Vasquez.

“A number of landlords, just like their tenants, are exhausting their savings, so there are quite a few landlords that are looking to potentially sell or close on their properties,” Vasquez said.

As of now, renters still have until the end of the month, with the likelihood of an extension after that, but as for the federal judge’s decision to allow the moratorium to continue, that’s based soley on giving the court more time to consider the motion at hand.