A promising treatment for long-haul COVID patients


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Joe Biden recently announced that serious long-term COVID-19 cases could qualify under the federal disabilities act. This means sufferers could be eligible for “reasonable modifications” at work or in schools, as well as our healthcare system.

We’re starting to understand more, but there still aren’t many medical treatments for long-haul patients.

A clinic in the United Kingdom is treating long haulers worldwide by resetting their brains. The holistic approach, led by Ashok Gupta, caught the eye of COVID sufferers after a pilot study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

“This is a real physical illness with real physical symptoms,” Gupta said.

He has spent decades treating people with chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia. His team focuses on treating and resetting the unconscious brain.

Now, his clinic is crowded with long-haul COVID clients.

“Even if the virus is no longer present, we can still feel symptoms of the brain fog, the breathlessness, intense fatigue and exhaustion,” Gupta said. “These are all down to an immune system and a nervous system that hasn’t switched off, that hasn’t reset itself but is continuing to respond.”

The technique is called “neuroplasticity” — the brain’s ability to reorganize itself, both functionally and physically. Gupta believes it allows the neurons to compensate for disease and injury and to adjust to new experiences.

Think of it this way: It might be compared to how the brain reacts in a post-traumatic stress situation.

“When we fought off COVID, that has been a survival response, and therefore, a post-traumatic physiological response,” Gupta explained. “It is different than PTSD, but it may use some of the same neuro networks, and so anything that reminds the brain of the original infection, it will keep responding to and reacting to.”

It starts with consistent training and counseling, but rest, sleep, a healthy diet and reducing stress are vital to supporting the brain and the body. For some, it’s enough to get back to normal health.

Gupta is in the midst of a randomized trial for long-haul COVID patients and hopes to have results later this year. His program is available online here. You can read his clinical studies and see testimonials of people worldwide who have benefited from resetting their brains.

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