LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are growing concerns in southern Nevada over the flu. A new report released by Walgreens ranks Nevada number two in the country right now for flu activity, based on prescription data.

The CDC data reveals Nevada had the lowest vaccination rate in the nation last year. Even when some do get the shot, it seems the virus is still strong.

Jacyln Halu’s 4-year-old son tested positive for the flu.

“We got him vaccinated two months ago, so we were surprised that he got it,” Halu said. “It hit him instantly at school and then we took him straight to the doctor’s office. He does have a runny nose and a deep cough.”

But she says doctors credit the vaccine for suppressing his illness.

“If he did not have the flu shot his symptoms might have been much worse,” Halu said.

The recent report from the southern Nevada Health District shows 76 cases and hospitalizations along with one death this flu season — a substantial increase from this same time last year. But the numbers are on par with cases two years ago, which ended up being one of the worst flu seasons on record.

“It’s sort of like the first inning of the ball game, it’s very early to tell if it’s going to be dramatically worse,” said e7 Health CEO Jonathan Baktari.

The Walgreens flu index notices a high demand for antiviral medications in the state, making it difficult for Halu to fill a prescription as her son tries to recover.

“They weren’t surprised that it was out of stock,” Halu said.

Reasons some choose not to get vaccinated include thinking the flu shot gives you the flu, which doctors discredit.