Hair up, Claws out! It’s the Golden Knights Wolverine


The Vegas Golden Knights continue securing loyal fans. But some are taking it to another level by becoming super fans. Those are the fans seen at the games pumping up the crowd.

There’s one man who’s now a fixture around the fortress.

“Yah, let’s go Knights! Let’s go boys!”

Hair up and claws out. Jason Griego shouts his support for the Vegas Golden Knights. But some may know this super fan under a different name.

He is the Golden Knights Wolverine because of his resemblance to the X-men character. A comparison Griego embraces.

“I guess it’s kind of cool to get recognized and people want to take pictures and stuff like that,” said Jason Griego, superfan wolverine.

A fairly recent transformation following his retirement from the U.S. Air Force.

“Probably like all veterans refused to cut my hair and grew a full beard. So, then Halloween was coming around and my oldest daughter was just really into X-Men, and so she’s the one that said ‘Dad, you should cut your beard down like Logan so we can be X-Men for Halloween.”

That look along with his energy came to the pre-season games.

Soon, others noticed the likeness to Wolverine after a celebrity look-a-like suggestion on the Knight-Tron, a center screen in the arena.  

“Then it kind of escalated,” Griego said.

The team eventually knighted the season ticket holder during a ceremony. 

“What it was is basically a change of allegiance. Not necessarily a strict contract, but you know a personal this is my team now and it was against Colorado. So, I grew up in Colorado and I was an Avalanche fan,” Griego said.

He vowed his support to the Knights from that day forward.

“They dawned the jersey, this jersey on me and from there it solidified Vegas, the Knights and my passion for them.”

A passion he continues bringing to the games as he cheers the team to a Stanley Cup victory. He has tickets to the first two final games at T-Mobile arena.

He and his wife plan to travel to Washington D.C. if the Knights have the potential to clinch a Stanley cup victory in the nation’s capital.

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