Gun-detection system being tested at the Westgate


Hotels up and down the Las Vegas Strip have been looking for ways to tighten up their security in the wake of the tragic 1 October shooting.

Some hotels, like the Stratosphere, are focusing on better training for its security staff. Others are turning to technology.

At the Westgate, there is a new gun-detection system has been going through months of tests. In the aftermath of the mass shooting, one question that comes up is whether or not there will be TSA type screening in Strip hotels.

The Westgate is testing a system that is somewhat of a compromise.

For the last eight years, Nate Geise has been coming to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker. There’s something that’s always stuck out to him.

“Carrying any kind of backpack you want in there, I mean there could be guns in there, explosives, anything like that, so, that’s one of my biggest concerns,” Geise said.

Security has been on everyone’s mind since the 1 October shooting. And for casinos, it’s been about trying to find the balance between security and not inconveniencing guests.

“A balance is nice, at least you know, entering the building and things like that,” Geise said.

The Westgate has been testing Patriot One’s PATSCAN technology since April. The idea is the microwave detection system can be installed about anywhere, in a wall or a door frame or perhaps at the front desk.

Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin says testing is becoming more widespread at the hotel since 8 News NOW saw a live demonstration of the technology back in April.

“They are an outstanding partner with us. This is a great opportunity to trial the technology and teach it real-world conditions,” said Cronin.

The microwave system can tell the difference between a gun or a knife and a cell phone.

The scan checks against an ever-updating computer database in real time and alerts security if it detects something suspicious.

While the cognitive microwave radar is constantly working, it’s designed to be out of sight and out of mind for guests — something Geise says he can get behind.

“If it was something where you just walk through and they detected, with your backpack on, if there was anything in there, and then they pulled you off to the side, it would be a different story,” Geise said. 

Patriot One’s CEO says they’ve seen a major uptick in interest since the mass shooting. The Westgate, however is their first large-scale testing client.

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