Group of Las Vegas co-workers win $2 million Powerball


A group of co-workers from a Las Vegas construction company won a nearly $2 million Powerball lottery.

The 22 workers from Las Vegas Paving have been pooling their money every month for more than a decade to play the lottery. 

“For some people, this is a life-changer,” said Kris Ann Molitor, who works in the company’s maintenance division. “To even get (and split) this amount of money, it’s a life-changer for all of us!”

The ticket was bought at the Primm Valley Lotto Store in Nipton, California.

“Some people are taking vacations, some are investing in their kids’ college funds,” explained Molitor, who is acting as spokesperson for her co-workers. “My husband Kirk and I were able to pay our house off with the winnings and are now debt-free!”

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