LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Inside of Evel Pie in Downtown Las Vegas, Corey Horan is making a pizza. “Start with your red base,” Horan said as he spread sauce on the uncooked dough. “And the finest mozz you can get… a little chorizo to make the flavor pop.”

So far, the pizza seems normal enough, right? Nope. Once the pie is out of the oven it won’t look like any of the “normal” slices on display at Evel Pie. The pizza Horan is working gets a special ingredient—grasshoppers.

“They’re gonna be jumping all over that pizza,” Horan jokes.

Don’t worry, the grasshoppers on Evel Pie’s pizza aren’t the same bugs seen taking over the Las Vegas streets the past week. Instead, these insects were shipped in from Oaxaca, Mexico. “I got on the old interwebs the other day and ordered quite a few bags,” laughed Horan.

The idea for the pizza started off as a joke—cooks at Evel Pie wanted revenge on the grasshoppers that invaded parts of Las Vegas, including Fremont Street where Evel Pie is located. “Virtually every bar on the block shut down early,” Horan explained. “It’s really to some degree a loss of business. So this is our answer to that.”

After about 15 minutes, Horan sprinkled on the final toppings—arugula and the grasshoppers. “Right off the top you gotta say it’s a beautiful pizza,” said Horan as he proudly showed off the finished pie.

Then it was time to put it to the test—the taste test, that is. “It’s our grasshopper pizza called ‘The Canyon Hopper,'” Horan explained to customers insdie the restaurant. “It’s got chorizo, carmelized onion, goat cheese, arugula and grasshoppers. Are you in?” “Yeah, absolutely,” one customer was quick to answer.

Seven people tried the new pizza—some hesitant, and others eager for a risk, but all had similar reactions.

“That’s bloody awesome,” said one woman.

“That is very good, unbelievable,” said another customer.

“A little crunchy,” described another.

“That is surprisinlgy good,” said a woman who initially did not want to try the pizza.”I’m very shocked right now.”

If the cooks at Evel Pie know how to do one thing, it’s take risks—and hop into action.

“As I’ve been saying..when life gives you grasshoppers you make grasshopper pizza,” explained Horan. “That’s how life works.”

The ‘Grasshopper Pizza’ has chorizo, goat cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, and lime and garlic-roasted grasshoppers. It will sell for $28 for an entire pie, or $5.50 for a slice.

Anyone wanting to try the pizza can visit Evel Pie at 508 Fremont Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 or contact (702) 840-6460.