Government shutdown leaves garbage cans on Mount Charleston full and running over


The partial government shutdown could be to blame for some of the trash problems happening up at Mount Charleston this week.

Las Vegans wanting to play in the snow faced fewer options as gates continue to be locked at federally-run places. There are also issues for the places that are still open.

But because of the government shut down, people on Mount Charleston have noticed a couple of problems. For example, garbage cans are filling up fast and there’s no one to empty them.

“It’s disgusting; you know what I mean, asked Carl Gallardo, a Las Vegas resident.

Gallardo says he loves bringing his family up to play in the snow, son he’s used to seeing trash left behind, and since the government shutdown, it has become a common theme on Mt. Charleston.  Gallardo says it takes it to another level.

“We’re all up here; it’s open to the community to have fun, take our kids out like everybody who’s here, but now, they’re shutting it down, closing up the bathrooms,” Gallardo said.  “Soon we won’t be able to come up here if nobody picks up their trash.” 

According to Kathy Best, the blame for the trash troubles falls more on Congress.

“It’s unfortunate that the employees aren’t getting paid, bathrooms are being closed, and garbage is piling up,” Best said. 

While 8 News NOW Reporter Patrick Walker was up on Mount Charleston reporting on the trash issue, he came across two members of a non-profit that works with the Forest Service.

The volunteers took on the duty of emptying the cans in the interim.

Gallardo feels people should be responsible for their own trash.

“You go out there, everything you bring out, you bring right back with you,” he said. “Regardless, you have to — you have to keep your place clean.”

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