Amazing moments were caught on camera Monday night when an armed citizen helped take down a man who tried to flee the scene after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with his car.

Matthew Shaykin, 31, is facing felony hit and run charges after allegedly hitting a pedestrian near Maverick and Smoke Ranch, but the only thing on everyone’s minds today is his takedown.

In the dramatic video taken by a bystander before it was posted to Facebook, Brandon Francis could be seen pulling his gun and making a citizen’s arrest of Shaykin.  Francis says what you don’t see on the video are the moments leading up to the confrontation.

According to Francis, after hitting the pedestrian, Shaykin kept driving, so Francis said he quickly followed.

“I went to cut him off, and he still went to go, so that’s when I jumped out of my car and drew my firearm and was like you need to get the heck out of the car,” Francis said.  “I have all rights to do a citizen’s arrest because he’s doing a hit and run and he could have just killed that guy, so I drew my firearm not only in my self-defense but in everyone else’s self-defense that was at that intersection.”

Metro Police officers arrived on scene shortly after the confrontation, and Francis’ weapon was still drawn; his foot was on Shaykin’s back. 

Due to all of the confusion, officers had to draw their weapons on Francis.  Francis said he followed their instructions, put his weapon down and explained what had happened with the help of other witnesses.

Metro police said every situation is different when it comes to citizens arrests, but in this case, the officers on scene determined Francis would not face any charges.  Metro Police says the 24-year-old man who was hit suffered multiple broken bones but is recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

Francis said the man’s family reached out to him to thank him for his efforts last night.