Golden Knights superfans spark tradition and social media buzz


The Vegas Golden Knights has a host of fans, but a select few are known as superfans.

So what constitutes a super fan?  

Super fans are not just known for supporting the team; they start traditions and gain followers on social media.

Drew Johnson is one the Knights’ super fans. 

“I buy more jerseys and t-shirts and hats than I probably should,” Johnson said.

Along with the merchandise, Johnson has another claim to fame.  He started the pink flamingo craze at Knights’ games.

The pink flamingo craze is where Johnson throws a plastic pink flamingo onto the ice.

Johnson explains why he did it.

“So I thought it was a good way to represent the city,” Johnson said.  “Showgirls are a little heavy to toss over the glass, so that’s out.”

The proper protocol is to wait until after the knights win to toss flamingos on the ice or risk penalizing the team.  Throwing things on the ice is a tradition seen in other hockey towns, as well.

“The predators have the catfish, Detroit has the octopus, but this is a way that we can throw something on the ice, and get behind the team without killing an animal,” Johnson said.

The flamingo fad started mid march following a losing streak for the team.

“I decided to throw a flamingo on the ice and see if that might give us some luck,” Johnson said. “We won the game!  Fleury had a shutout; Karrelson had a hat trick that game.”

From there, others joined in.

The pink bird gaining popularity from social media sparked merchandise. 

“It’s just something everybody seems to have gotten behind, and it’s something everybody can do,” Johnson said.

Of course, every NHL team has fans and their traditions, but Golden Knights superfans seem to be on another level.

Take Rick Williams is the proud owner of ‘Bark Andre-Furry,’ the Jack Russell Terrier, known for his Golden Knights jersey and fun videos online.

“I guess it’s surreal because it was never my intention,” Williams said.  “It’s all about him. I created an online persona for him to engage with other Golden Knight fans and it took off a couple weeks ago.” 

Superfans also attend as many games as possible; including the Stanley Cup Final. 

“I’m going to every game. I have flights to go to D.C.,” Johnson said.

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