Gaming Control board works to establish standards for sexual harassment policies


In the wake of the Steve Wynn sexual misconduct scandal, there is a renewed focus on policing harassment and other bad behavior among gaming businesses.

Gaming Control Board Chair Becky Harris was appointed to her position back in January, since then, she’s led efforts to set standards for sexual harassment policies for gaming licensees.

Those licensees and members of the public had a chance to review the proposed standards.  Reactions were mixed with some testifying that many of the companies already have policies in place, while others said the policy doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t address misconduct by casino or hotel guests.

“We need protection from the company, but the guest is not always right, we need our rights too, as employees,” Genith Martin, a guest room attendant said.

“This would add another duplicative and unnecessary layer of regulation, importing upon licensees, which would result in a waste of government resources in monitoring that additional layer,” said Jenn Serafino, attorney. 

“The thought when the checklist was being released was this is an easy way for licensees to understand the types of topics that need to be addressed,” said Becky Harris, chair with the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Those topics include companies would have to have unequivocal statements that sexual harassment is not tolerated, along with easy-to-understand examples of prohibited conduct, and licensees must immediately initiate an investigation into any reports.    

Chairwoman Harris tells me there will be several more hearings before a final version is adopted.

If you’d like to take a look at the proposed regulations go here.

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