Frias Chorus Holiday Celebration in “What’s Cool at School”


Tis’ the season’ at Frias Elementary, with preparations fully underway for their Winter Chorus Holiday Celebration on December 20th, including last-minute fine-tuning of holiday favorites.

This choir is highly lauded, and used to a crowd – with experience performing for the entire Clark County School District, at Ethel M’s Cactus Garden even on PBS for their Holiday Inside Education podcast. 

Expectations are set high.

Kate Harris-Golodner, their Teacher and Music Specialist said, “When they are at rehearsal…it is work time.” She added, “We have a higher standard to performing, and kids can achieve that!”

Singing at a high level with their classmates is a very meaningful experience to these students.
Fourth-Grader Molly McCartney said, “Singing really makes me feel powerful, and when I say powerful…I mean it makes me feel like I can do anything!” 

Fifth Grader Addison Marsh described her experience: “When we are performing the whole thing, and we get to the show, this is what we’ve been working on for such a long time, and that’s really cool.”
And classmate Cale Allison also weighed in, “It feels really cool how all the other voices just sound the same whenever they sing, and I just really like how it sounds – I just love it!”

The holiday celebration will be traditional, yet also very inclusive.

In addition to the traditional Christmas classics, there will be beautiful music for those that celebrate different religious and cultural holidays.

Kate Harris-Golodner described that broad, welcoming approach: “For Choir, we can learn about these different cultures, about each other, and each other’s backgrounds by singing and by learning the music.”

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