French Bulldog stolen from woman’s apartment


A woman assaulted and robbed over the weekend says her attackers stole her French Bulldog right out of her apartment.

Metro Police say the incident happened at the Emerald Suites on Las Vegas Blvd. on Sunday night around 9 p.m.

Two men knocked on Sheila Peacock’s door while two others waited outside. One of them allegedly pistol-whipped Peacock and then took off with her dog Lilly.

“They’re a high valued dog. They’re highly sought after,” said Gina Greisen for Nevada Voter’s For Animals.

Peacock described the terrifying moments that led up to the altercation.

“One of the guys grabbed me, pushed me down to the ground with the gun in my head,” Peacock said.

Then, the intruders stole her dog, Lilly is a two-year-old French Bulldog and was a gift from Peacock’s son.

“I’m not feeling good right now. That’s probably the best thing I could say right now. I’m crushed. I’m hurt,” Peacock said.

Lilly is also pregnant.

“She’s a purebred,” adds Peacock. “She’s worth some money and the puppies are worth money.”

Peacock admits her family bought Lilly specifically to breed, but her investment quickly turned into love.

“She’s away from her family and I can imagine what she’s feeling right now,” Peacock said.

A French Bulldog puppy can cost thousands of dollars and animal advocates are sending a strong message to the people who stole Peacock’s dog.

“If that dog needs medical attention, if that dog needs a c-section which is very expensive, if that’s not provided, if that’s withheld and that dog dies, we hope that person is found and we hope that they’re brought up on felony animal cruelty charges as well,” said Greisen.

Lilly is expected to give birth soon.

8 News Now has been in touch with a local rescue that is willing to put up at $500 reward for Lilly’s return.

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