Freedom and Vaccines
Back to school can often mean back to your pediatrician or health department for this year’s round of vaccines, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. As a believer and promoter of freedom, I think it’s important to know your rights as a parent, whether you are for or against vaccines.
Most people see vaccines as useful because they introduce a weakened virus to the immune system to conquer. This helps the body identify and fight the virus more efficiently if faced with it again. Getting vaccines is meant to stop the spread and severity of certain illnesses, and the general consensus is that it’s the responsible thing to do. 
The question is, does the government have the power to force these into your kids? The answer is no; it’s your choice. They are your kids, your responsibility. If the child has an adverse reaction to the vaccine, neither the requesting agency nor the doctor’s office is taking any liability for it. You signed a waiver.
By law, your kids have to go to school, but the government can’t mandate injections. That would not only be a massive breach of personal freedom but would also make them liable for any adverse reactions that may occur. Therefore, a government-funded school can’t force vaccines.
Vaccines have become so routine and mainstream that it’s easy to overlook the list of possible side effects. We sit there just hoping it doesn’t take too long, not thinking about what could go wrong. I’m not saying that anything will go wrong; the odds are in your favor – but if you think about it, it’s still a gamble.

People need to make better-educated decisions when it comes to their bodies. It astonishes me how many are willing to just accept the opinions of the masses or people of higher power, without doing any personal research. We depend on entertainment for news.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to do vaccinations, do them because you genuinely believe in them, not because you think you have to – because you don’t have to.
If you don’t want to vaccinate your child, there are exemption forms you can sign to opt out. There’s a simple form for people with religious beliefs that conflict with getting unwarranted injections. If your choice is not religion based, you can file a Vaccination Exemption Notice with the school clerk. You can find this form on the internet. 

If you do this, the school will have you sign a paper stating that if there’s an outbreak, your unvaccinated child can’t return until the outbreak is completely clear (for the safety of your child and others). Keep in mind, this could take a couple of weeks.
With all of that said, keep doing whatever is best for you and your family. Weigh all the pros and cons and make your best decision. I just like to inform people of freedoms that hide in plain sight, this being one of them.       
I also feel that it’s essential for parents to respect each other’s choices on this matter because we all do our best with the information we have. Two people can judge each other all day while believing they’re doing what’s best, and in the end, both have lost focus on their own direction by choosing to focus on each other instead. What good does that do?
All of us just need to be ready for Monday, because the kids are going back to school!!!