The trial for a woman accused of torturing her adoptive children, continued Friday.  Prosecutors say three children suffered for years at the hands of Janet Solander. 

Solander and her husband Dwight adopted the girls. Dwight took a plea deal and will be sentenced in May.   According to prosecutors, even after repeated complaints were lodged against Child Protective Services, several other children were placed in the Solander’s care.

On Friday afternoon, the judge and jury heard from one of the foster kids placed inside the Solander home for a year and a half. 
The girl, who is now 9 years old, explained in detail what she witnessed from inside the home.

According to the child who moved into the home with her sister, there were three other adopted children living there when they arrived.  The child said the other kids were skinny, and that she could see their ribs.

Jacqueline Bluth with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office talked about the alleged torture another foster child went through during opening statements on Thursday.

“The defendant got angry and picked her up by her hair in the back of her head and repeatedly slammed her head into the counter until it got to the point that her eye was so severely injured that it closed shut,” Bluth said.

The 9-year-old girl who took the stand today told the jury what a typical day looked like for the children.  She said Solander would make the other girls put their hands on the ground before she spanked them with rulers and sticks. The child said this happened every day, and that she was told to laugh at the girls while they were being hit.

The girl said Solander also only allowed them to use three sheets of toilet paper when they went to the restroom.  Those same three children also had to walk around the house with their hands in the air as a form of punishment.

Solander’s trial will continue Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m.