Local soldiers have people all over the country laughing. A drill sergeant at Fort Gordon leads marches to the tune of *the most popular* kids’ song and it’s bound to make you smile.

Marching here at Fort Gordon is an everyday activity. So its not the march itself that’s gained attention, its the tune they do it to…

Baby Shark. Your kids love it. 

Drill Sergeant Lincoln Crisler chose to lead Ft. Gordon soldiers to Baby Shark on a whim.

“I was only going to do it the one time to be honest,” says SFC Lincoln Crisler. 

Now the video has gone viral. 

“Up to like 30 million views the last time I looked just on Facebook alone. People are telling me that the heard it on the radio in Las Vegas.”

News stations from Buffalo, New York to Nashville have used the footage. 

“I’m amazed that it got that far. I thought like a few of my friends might share it more than usual, might get a couple thousand views. everybody’s seen it. I think the soldiers are really hyped up about it. That’s cool too.”

“I have a 4-year-old little brother so I was very familiar of the song,” says PV2 Dylan Bazzy.

“Well, it’s hard to keep a straight face,” says PV2 Parker Wallace.

PV2 Wallace shot the video. 

“He told me that he wanted me to record and me being the soldier than I am, I just said, yes drill sergeant.”

Have you ever shot a video that’s gotten this many likes and looks? 

“No ma’am, not at all.”

Wallace lead a summer camp so he knew the dance moves. 

“The baby shark, the mama shark, the daddy shark, the grandma shark and then the grandpa shark.”

The Army can be grueling…so Sergeant First Class Crisler tries to lighten the stress when he can… and it works. 

“Iit is a breath of fresh air, it relaxes you.”

“They work long days. I work long days. it’s kinda nice to have something else going on that’s not studying, push ups, eat, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.”