Flood Zone designation lifted for neighborhoods by Las Vegas Wash


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A neighborhood by the Las Vegas Wash will no longer need to worry about flooding during monsoon season. On Thursday, a flood zone designation that affects roughly 300 properties will be removed.

It was a decade ago when the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designated the Las Vegas Wash area as a flood zone. This means homes located near the area which is located near Nellis and Charleston will no longer have to purchase flood insurance.

But after significant improvements, the area is no longer considered a flood zone.

“To have to pay for that flood insurance all these years — it’s kind of nice, kind of exciting not to have to do it anymore,” said Sue Bolduck, a neighbor.

Bolduck who lives next to the Las Vegas Wash says that she and her neighbors have seen severe flooding for nearly 40 years.

“The whole street, everything in black would be all flooded,” said Alexis Leon, a resident who lives in the area. “It was just a giant lake of water everywhere.”

“I had sandbags so the water couldn’t go into my garage,” Bolduck said.

Bolduck shared a photo she took in 2011 of water rushing through the channel.

Flooding at the Las Vegas Wash in 2011.
Photo Credit: Sue Bolduck

But now that there’s no threat of flooding, Bolduck expects that she will sleep easier at night.

“As far as any rainstorms, I don’t worry at all,” Bolduck said. “I used to get up in the middle of the night and get my sandbags, but not anymore.”

The worry for Bolduck and other residents like her is gone because the Regional Flood Control District completed a roughly $20 million project installing 7,200 linear feet of concrete channel in the wash from Nellis to Stewart avenue. It was all part of a multi-phase project that included the Club at Sunrise Golf Course to control stormwater in the area.

“It was kicked off initially, really because of FEMA,” said Steven Parrish, general manager and chief engineer of the Regional Flood Control District. “They actually restudied the Las Vegas Wash and put a lot of areas in the flood zone and show the wash couldn’t handle the flows.”

The district completed the channel behind Bolduck’s home last year and submitted it to FEMA to remove the flood zone designation.

“Anytime you’re dealing with a federal agency it takes a long time to get things done,” Parrish said.

The wait is finally over, and Bolduck appreciates the improvements to keep her home dry.

Now that the flood zone has been removed from the area, homeowners can still choose to have flood insurance but at a reduced rate.

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