LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From an invasive species to the fastest growing sport in our country, Americans were fascinated by several topics this past month.

Google’s top search trends provide a surprising look at pop culture, odd news, recipes, sports, and more. Food searches are always popular, and the month of August contained some strange viral ones.

“Choco taco recipe discontinued last month, and it seems people are making their own this month,” said Google trends expert Sarah Armstrong.

That taco recipe was followed by a vegan take on bacon with the “banana peel bacon” and grilled sunflower heads, which were an apparent hit on TikTok.

In the entertainment category, Armstrong said “House of the Dragon,” set hundreds of years before “Game of Thrones,” had the nation enthralled.

Serena Williams claimed the top of the sports category searches after she announced she would be stepping away from tennis, playing in her last U.S. Open this week.

“A lot of folks went to google to ask different questions about her retirement, career, when did she win 23rd titles, what does away from tennis mean for her,” Armstrong said.

After Serena, pickleball came next in sports. It became popular during the pandemic and is now the fastest-growing sport in the country as the younger generation has taken it on.

The big cultural trend for the summer was a high amount of search interest in dating apps.

“People want to know how to start a conversation on these dating apps, how to describe themselves and build a profile, so you can expect to see a lot more people back on these apps,” Armstrong said.

Another odd trend for searches on Google this summer was people looking up spotted lanternflies, an invasive species that’s bad for agriculture. Experts have advised the public to kill one if they see it.