First On 8: New video captures accused terror suspect beating woman


DISCLAIMER: The video is very violent and may be disturbing to some audiences.

Shocking new video was released Tuesday of a Las Vegas terror suspect beating a woman. 

Nicholai Mork was arrested three weeks ago on explosives charges, and Tuesday during a hearing where a judge denied Mork’s request for a lower bail, prosecutors revealed their findings. They said the video shows Mork physically assaulting a woman at his Las Vegas home in May of 2016. 

In the footage obtained by 8 News NOW, you can see what appears to be a woman entering Mork’s home, and as she heads for the kitchen, the man prosecutors say Mork pushes her, knocks her to the ground, kicks her and covers her mouth.

The struggle is captured on camera for several minutes.  It was recorded from a camera that appears to be on the floor.
Prosecutors say they know the woman’s name.  Mork’s attorney, Nicholas Wooldridge, says the footage does not tell the whole story.

According to Wooldridge, Mork doesn’t know the woman.  Plus, the video does not show what she was doing in the kitchen.
“You don’t see what she does in that kitchen area or what she tries to grab or what’s in her hand that provokes or that causes Mr. Mork to engage in self-defense,” Wooldridge said.

But, Prosecutor Jake Villani says investigators found more than just the one video on mork’s computer.

“I do have a couple of screenshots of what was located but i’ll just represent it to you your honor,” Villani said.
“It’s child pornography, it’s up-skirt videos that he himself has taken with a suit case bag and you know it’s him because his face comes into the video at times. it’s him having sex with unconscious women.”

Mork hasn’t been charged in the attack, but he is facing a variety of terrorism and explosives-related charges for allegedly plotting to blow up several locations.
Mork’s attorney said his client’s DNA was never found in the homemade bombs scattered around neighborhoods.  Wooldridge also says the hundreds of pounds of explosives found in Mork’s home are legal and can be purchased online.
However, Villani argued the major detail being overlooked is mork’s intentions.

In the end, the judge sided with the prosecution.  Mork remains behind bars and his bail is still set at $8 million.

He is set to go to trial in early June. 

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