First CBD oil retail chain opens Wednesday in Las Vegas


What if you could experience some of the health benefits of cannabis without the high?

That store is called ‘Buy Legal Meds’ and its Chief Executive Officer says it’s the world’s very first Cannabidiol Hemp Oil retail chain that’ll open Wednesday in Las Vegas. An important note for customers, the CBD is not marijuana—although it looks and even smells like it.

Joe Vargas is the man behind the green and understands the benefits of the hemp plant.

“Once we open, the natural high, the excitement kicks in,” Vargas said. “I actually was in the navy for eight years. I suffered from anxiety and I actually got out on a medical discharge because of anxiety.”  

CBD is found in marijuana and hemp plants, but “Buy Legal Meds” uses the CBD from hemp plants—meaning that it doesn’t have THC and you won’t get high.

“Helps out with MS, fibromyalgia, anxiety, ADD, a list of ailments, and whereas the THC gives you the high—the psychoactive high,” Vargas said.

From tongue drops and edibles, to lotions and pet drops, Vargas says all of his products are made in-house at their manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas. The store will even have a smoothie bar.

Vargas says the Tropicana and Decatur location will be the first of many. “We already have interest in LA and in Denver and we’re not even open yet,” Vargas added.

‘Buy Legal Meds’ is more than just a store, it’s an experience, according to Vargas. 

“They can play video games here, they can smoke CBD flowers, CBD dabs, and play video games,” Vargas said.

While he’s not a doctor, Vargas believes the hemp oil can help everyone.

The production of industrial hemp is federally protected by the Farm Bill signed in 2014.

‘Buy Legal Meds’ will be opening on Wednesday and will be giving out a free gram of the CBD plant throughout the month of February. Its address is: 4985 West Tropicana Ave. Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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