Firefighters save ducklings from storm drain


Gilbert Arizona Fire Department crews saved the day after being called in to help a family of ducklings that fell into the storm drain. 

In the video, you can see a mother duck pacing anxiously back and forth as firefighters work to raise the storm gate to get the little ducklings out.

Initially, some of Arizona’s bravest were able to get four of the ducklings out, but momma knows best. Just when the firefighters thought they were done, the mother jumped into the storm drain because she was trying to alert the firefighters that she had more babies left inside.

After a few minutes, Gilbert firefighters along with the help of construction workers nearby were able to grab all of the ducklings for mom.  Right after, the family went on their way waddling and quacking down the sidewalk.  However, we’re sure at least one of those quacks was a thank you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The video of the rescue was recorded in the Woodside Homes neighborhood

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