Firearm expert weighs in on deadly shooting during attempted robbery


Metro police are determining if a store clerk will face charges after shooting and killing a juvenile who police say tried to rob a smoke shop.

The attempted robbery and the deadly shooting that followed happened Friday night near Flamingo and Durango.

According to police, three juveniles entered the store with masks on and tried to rob the place. The store clerk pulled out a gun and started firing. One of the juveniles was struck and killed. 

The other two ran away. Police later caught them.

Now investigators are sifting through the surveillance video to determine if the clerk will face charges.

Bob Irwin who teaches gun owners responsible firearm ownership and how to use guns in self-defense says there are different factors investigators will have to sort out.

“The issue is whether the clerk or any other people inside the store had reasonable cause to believe that they were likely to suffer a serious injury or death,” said Irwin of The Gun Store.

Police say they obtained surveillance video from inside and outside the store.

Irwin says they’ll likely be watching the video frame by frame to see what led up to the shooting.

“How close they were. If they were moving forward. How the shots were fired. If they had stopped and put their hands up or grabbed a beer and ran out the door,” said Irwin.

The clerk has been questioned by police with an attorney present. Irwin says that isn’t unusual during an investigation of this sort.

“He’s in a state of mind having just shot somebody who died. He’s not going to be thinking clearly. He needs that gap of the attorney coming down,” said Irwin. 

Police say they’re also looking for witnesses.

If you saw what happened, please call Metro police or Crimestoppers.

The coroner’s office has not released the name of the juvenile shot and killed.

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