Fire captain’s arrest prompts changes at Las Vegas fire stations


A fire captain’s arrest has prompted changes at every Las Vegas fire station.

Captain Richard Loughry, 46, was arrested last month for having sex with an underage prostitute.  An arrest report released last month said Loughry admitted to having sex with a prostitute at the fire house on more than one occasion.

The department has a no tolerance policy regarding sexual activity on duty, and according to Fire Chief William McDonald, only one firefighter was fired for violating that policy within the last year.

On Thursday, Chief McDonald announced that visitation at the fire house would be strictly monitored, meaning surveillance cameras will go up outside every entry and exit.

Visitors will also only be allowed in public areas.

Chief McDonald said his staff was shocked by the news about Loughry.   

“Shock and emotion,” Chief McDonald said. “Folks were really surprised and amazed by what they had heard, but not tolerant of circumstances of that kind in our fire stations.”

“We are a microcosm of society and face the same challenges that many other organizations are dealing with,” said Eric Littmann, president of the Firefighter’s Union.  “Any individual’s actions due to very poor decision making does not represent our members.”

Loughry, who says he thought the girl was 22, is on house arrest.  He was scheduled to appear in court Thursday but did not.  His next court date is scheduled for July 20. 

The department will also look into whether any other firefighters knew what was happening at Fire Station 47, and if they did, they would be questioned about why they didn’t report it.

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