Ferrraro’s family restaurant celebrates 30 years in Las Vegas


Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar is a successful family-owned business that just celebrated three decades in Las Vegas. 

On Friday, the City of Las Vegas is declaring it “Ferraro Family Day” to honor their 30 years in business.

To celebrate its 30 years,  the restaurant is offering full course meals for $30.  The deals will feature some of Ferrari’s favorites like Oso Buco, a staple of the restaurant, sausage, meatballs and more.

The specialty priced meals are available this weekend and next weekend.
There are only a handful of restaurants that are still around from the mid 80’s.  But when you build a restaurant with great food — hard work and a close-knit family, it’s built to last. 

Quality and consistency have built a solid brand and a fierce following for Ferraro’s classic Italian dishes, but founder and patriarch Gino Ferraro also credits the personal touch for the family’s success.

“I sit with people; I have a glass of wine; I mingle with people.  We build a relationship,” Ferraro said.

Building relationships has been Ferraro’s philosophy from the get go.
He said he and his wife started with a deli, then they added a few tables, and eventually Ferraro’s became a full-fledged restaurant where celebrities would dine.

“His dream was to own a beautiful, nice restaurant and with all the hard work and sweat and tears his dream came true,” said Rosealba Ferraro, Gino Ferraro’s wife.

It’s a dream the entire family helped to make a reality.

“My mom would go to the restaurant and would be making bread or doing whatever it is she did before we woke up to go to school,” said Chef Mimmo Ferraro, Gino and Rosealba’s son.  “Then she would go home and get us ready before taking us to school.  Then it was back to the restaurant.”

After growing up in the restaurant, Chef Mimmo eventually became the executive chef.

In 2009, Ferraro’s expanded when they moved to a bigger spot closer to the Strip.  Everyone thought they were crazy because it was on the heels of the recession. 

“The 1st day we opened there was a line outside,” Gino Ferraro said.  “Location; location; location.”

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