Father and daughter first responders talk about trying to heal from 1 October


It’s been eight months since 1 October, and thousands of people are still healing emotionally, mentally, and physically from what happened that night.

Among them: First responders.  8 News NOW spoke with a dad and daughter who risked their lives to save so many others that night.

Brian and Kaitlyn Rogers have an unbreakable bond because 1 October changed their lives forever.

Now, along with keeping people safe, the father-daughter duo are working to spread the love they share as they heal after tragedy.

“Kaitlyn called me before the 9-1-1 call even happened and said ‘daddy they’re shooting at me,'” said Brian Rogers.

“Anytime I wasn’t with a patient I was at the front of the medical tent: ‘Where’s my dad, have you seen my dad.” Kaitlyn Rogers said.

According to Kaitlyn, “once the shooting started, it wasn’t about how do I get safe. It was ‘what’s going on around me, how do I help?’

Kaitlyn was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival working for Community Ambulance when shots were fired.  Immediately, Kaitlyn’s father, Brian, jumped into action.

“I told the person that was in charge of Route 91, ‘I know this is unorthodox, but you go find my daughter,'” he said.  “She wouldn’t answer, so I didn’t know for about 25 minutes whether she was okay or not, so that kinda really put the fear into me.”

“My best friend was working admin with me and she just pointed to my dad and I ran into his arms,” Kaitlyn said.

The incident fused an unbreakable family bond.

“I think that as time wears on, I think the idea of the tragedy hopefully won’t be the forefront of the reason we’re all close and tight-knit, but the idea of why we all came together,” Kaitlyn said.

When asked how she believes this tragic experience shaped her future: Kaitlyn said, it really helped her realize how a community can come together to help each other.  Especially, after such a dark day.

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