One of the faces of the “World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop” has died.

Richard Harrison, known on the show “Pawn Stars” as “The Old Man” died Monday morning, according to his son Rick.

Rick Harrison later posted that his father had lost his battle with Parkinson’s Disease at age 77.

People from all over the world line up outside the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop every day wanting to go inside and hopefully catch a glimpse of the show’s stars.

As you can imagine, news of Mr. Harrison’s passing is hitting fans and frequent guests on the show pretty hard.

He was a fixture on the History Channel hit show “Pawn Stars.”

Richard Benjamin Harrison was known for his gruff exterior and colorful quips.

“It’s like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly,” he said. “That is one of the stupidest statements I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Fans have been flocking to the pawn shop to pay tribute to Harrison where employees put his well-worn chair and signature hat out for display.

“I watch on TV, I’m from Fremont, California and it’s a sad day to hear that the Old Man is gone,” said David Rivera, visitor.

“I woke up around 7:30, and then a friend of mine texted me from New York and he was like ‘Did you hear about the Old Man’? I’m like, I can’t believe it,” said Brian Prahl, visitor. 

News of Harrison’s passing is also hitting some of the show’s contributors hard.

“He’s going to be big-time missed, and I was sad, it blew me away,” said Rick Dale, Rick’s Restorations.

Rick’s Restorations’ owner Rick Dale says he respected Mr. Harrison so much. He refused to call him “The Old Man.”

“He served in the navy, and he was very iron-clad, he was just, you know, there was no wishy-washy about him, he was straight-up. Great guy.”

A favorite past time for Dale and others in the inner-circle was trying to get under that tough exterior. That includes his longtime publicist, Laura Hurlovich.

“Our goal every day was to make him laugh, because that wasn’t an easy thing to do, so if you could make the “Old Man” laugh, you were doing good for the day,” Hurlovich said.

Mr. Harrison’s appearances on the show were significantly scaled back over the past couple of seasons, but his presence was still felt in the shop. That includes reminders of his two decades of service in the navy of which he was particularly proud.

Former Petty Officer First Class, Las Vegas businessman and TV personality Richard Benjamin Harrison dead at 77.

Rick Harrison posted on Instagram that his father was surrounded by loved ones when he passed away.