Family who says Las Vegas teen suffered reaction to J & J vaccine gives update on her condition


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The father of a teen who has been hospitalized for several weeks say the 18-year-old is now showing some positive signs in her road to recovery.

The family says Emma Burkey suffered a severe reaction about 10 days after receiving a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine on March 20. Her symptoms included brain clots and seizures, a family friend told 8 News Now.

Burkey was transferred from a Las Vegas hospital to a California hospital where she has undergone three brain surgeries.

Her father, Bret Burkey posted an update on his daughter’s condition on her GoFundMe page Wednesday night.

“Emma had a really good day. At around midnight she had her MRI and the analysis concluded no abnormalities!!! She had 4 hard sessions of therapy today with improved eye movement. She can now move her head in all directions and can hold it upright herself for 10 seconds. Next goal for 30 seconds, then 1 minute, and then normal. Improved movements in all her body and was doing half sit-ups this afternoon.”

The Burkey family’s pastor, who spoke to 8 News Now on their behalf, says this is nothing short of a miracle.

“We know that the road ahead is long and is intense, yet it’s better together,” said Pastor Heiden Ratner. “And so, we thank God for it, we continue to pray for more miracles to come, and we believe there’s more to come.”

Burkey is one of six women across the country who have reportedly experienced severe blood clots after getting the J&J vaccine. Out of around seven million shots given, that makes these intense reactions a one-in-a-million occurrence.

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