Family believes body near Boulder Highway, Sahara may be missing teen


A Las Vegas family believes the body of their missing child has been found near Boulder Highway and Sahara Avenue.

Metro Police tell 8 News Now that relatives discovered the remains in a vacant lot next to the Siegel Suites.

There weren’t a lot of details released, but Metro said initial reports into the agency said the body was decayed.

Homicide detectives scouring the scene for evidence say it’s too early too tell if the skeleton is male of female or the race of the person. The person was wrapped in a blanket and covered with rocks.

“It is possible that it’s a 13-year-old, a black male juvenile that’s been listed missing since the 14th of April. If it is that person, then he’s been out here for more than a few months, because that’s the level of decomposition, we’re talking about here,” said Lt. Dan McGrath, Metro Police.

Investigators say they’re handling this very carefully.

And while they say the family of the missing teen is cooperating, it’s odd that they actually found the remains’.

“It’s very unusual that you would find a your missing family member yourself in the desert area, away from everything,” Lt. McGrath said.

Investigators say that the male parent of that family is now in custody after recently being arrested on a child abuse charge.

Detectives admit, so far the details of this case are very suspicious and concerning but they’re going to keep interviewing relatives of that missing child to figure out how they located the body.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office will identify the body.

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