Facials, other beauty trends becoming hot commodity among teens


Thanks to the internet and social media more and more people can seek out the latest fashion and beauty trends. But beauty regimes are becoming more and more popular among adults and teens.

“They are starting young, I mean that’s how you groom them,” Bronson Lai, resident.

“The younger you start focusing on how to make yourself better the easier it becomes as you get older,” said Jade Bondonno, a student at Aveda Institute.

“It’s a lot more common; education is key,” said Briana McCollough, esthetician.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for some teenagers, beauty is feeling comfortable in their own skin. 

“Hair, updo’s, makeup, nails, and lashes are huge right now,” said Gail Renzi, executive director of the Aveda Institute

Taking steps to having glowing skin, is among the most popular regimens.  For many teens getting a facial is important because the procedure helps them understand how their skin works, and how it reacts to various elements.

“So many people; young people are going through so many different changes hormonally,” said Renzi. “Their eating habits. 
 Learning basic skin care is so important at a young age.”

However, this new found car for skin costs moms and dads 
About $60 every 30 minutes, but some say it’s worth it.

“Something like the teen facial is actually to help with acne in those areas,” Bondonno said.

“Some of my guy friends, they complain; they say I’m getting acne again, and then it brings up the topic of what’s better to take care of your face,” said 16-year-old Mariah Lleneras.

However, feeling beautiful is more than putting the best face forward and feeling good. It’s also self-esteem.

“I think guys are caring more about their image as well; maybe because of the trend with celebrities and everyday things, so were grooming more, Lai said. “We’re going to barbers, getting our skin done with facials and even make-up.”

“I can’t imagine that it doesn’t affect a boy the same way it’s going to affect a girl and they don’t have to walk around with blemishes on their skin, but boys can’t cover it, so I can see how much they are affected by it as well,” said Alma Cuevas, a local mother.

Many say beauty norms won’t change they will only get better with time.

“We stand a little taller; feel a little bit better; everybody is beautiful it’s just enhancing what they have,” Renzi said.

As for the most recent beauty trend among teens, any beauticians 8 News NOW spoke with say teens are opting for hair and makeup with more natural looks.

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