LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CCSD has presented its possibilities for the beginning of the new school year. Parents have a lot to consider, and some are looking at a variety of options for their kids.

There is a brand new charter school opening in August in the northwest part of town. Explore Academy is geared towards middle school-aged children and it’s free, with no waiting list.

Parents had a chance to stop by the school. Explore Academy hosted a toy event today, distributing toys to the community for free to spread the word about the new charter school.

This is the first Explore Academy location in Las Vegas, as the charter is replacing a school out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It’s model basically takes a normal chunk of learning, what a student would do in a semester, and breaks it into pieces.

A real world application, that brings the content to life. For example, teaching math by having students design a rollercoaster.

It’s an option, the principal thinks is quite timely for parents.

“We have some parents who need to go to work every day, and need their kids to go to school every day and there is a contingent, others who want their students to learn from home but get high quality education, those are the parents we are talking to now,” said Principal Gretchen Larsen.

The school is opening to sixth through ninth grades and will add a grade level each year until it is a sixth through twelfth grade school.

Explorers Academy is located at 4660 North Rancho Drive.

This is its temporary location for a year, while it’s permanent location is being built.

The school is preparing to begin with 100 to 120 students and by the time it is fully expanded, expects a maximum student count of 700. It wants to be a relatively small campus.