Nevada sees more burglaries than nearly every other state, according to data compiled by the FBI. 8 New NOW spoke with a home security expert to see how to improve safety around your home.

Don Lee of Security Assessment Group says a majority of break-ins happen during the day. Thieves will find an easy opportunity to get into your home by breaking down a door or smashing a window.

Lee’s job is to keep people safe at home. He says home security starts at the locks on your front door.

“So typically we see these 1/4” long and some cases home owners have changed them out. these are a little longer than a quarter inch,” said Lee. 

Lee showed 8 New NOW around a typical valley home to provide viewers small improvements they can make which go a long way.

One tip is to install ¾’’ screws with your strike plate. This will make it more difficult to break the door down.

“If they don’t succeed in the first kick they might go somewhere else,” said Lee. 

Lee says he sees a lot of cases where thieves break the back door after finding out no one is home. Another trouble spot he says is easy to secure is your electrical box.

“Keep it locked. Don’t let someone turn the power off to you house as a rouse to get you to exit your home,” said Lee.

Lee says while a lot of people rely on surveillance cameras and alarm systems, they don’t always stop thieves before they start.

His number one piece of advice in the digital age is not to tell people where you are on social media.

“You’re telling everybody that you are not going to be home and your home is going to be a target,” said Lee. 

Even small security changes can keep thieves from getting into your home.

“Do anything in your power to keep yourself from becoming a target,” said Lee. 

Lee says getting to know your neighbor is helpful because they can be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

If you’re looking how to keep your home safe Metro, Henderson and North Las Vegas police departments have crime prevention specialists that can help.