Popular music rapper Sean Kingston spoke to 8 News NOW exclusively to clear the air about what happened near the Las Vegas Strip Tuesday.

His best friend, 28-year-old Mioses Johnson of West Palm Beach, Florida, is facing felony charges after police say a shot was fired during a fight between the hip-hop music group Migos and Kingston. Police said the shot was fired in the air and no one was reported to have been injured during the fracas outside the Sands Expo & Convention Center.

Kingston and the three members of Migos were not identified as suspects in the case.  However, Johnson is facing felony charges.

According to Kingston, he had a surprise run-in with the hip hop trio.   He says members of the “Migos” and their crew jumped him.

“You see my face, there was no beat down, it was none of that,” Kingston said.  “It was a jump, but it wasn’t a JUMP. You get what I’m saying,” Kingston asked 8 News NOW Reporter Mauricio Marin.

Even though nine guys came after him, after leaving a fashion show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Kingston laughed off the incident.

The rapper said he was tricked into meeting up with them outside.

“We went out there thinking we were going to have a conversation,” Kingston said.  “They face timed me, ‘yo come outside let’s talk. Man, I miss you let’s chalk it up.’ You know what I’m saying? And as soon as I went outside it was no talking. They just started jumping on me throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put up my set up or do nothing.”

Kingston said he was with three other people, including Johnson when it happened.  He said he never anticipated any trouble.

“It was very shocking because no matter what goes on it is kind of like I’ve been to their house they’ve been to my house.  My mom has cooked for them. We don’t do industry friends. It’s either you’re rocking with us or you ain’t rocking with us — period,” Kingston said.

So, why did Migos allegedly jump Kingston?  What was their issue with him?

“I’m hearing different stories,” Kingston said.  “I’m hearing it has something to do with Soulja Boy.  He was at my house. I said something in a video they didn’t like.” 

Kingston says he’s happy Johnson, his best friend, also known as Bo-Jack was nearby when the incident happened.

“He held the situation down,” Kingston said.  “He wasn’t trying to hurt nobody or trying to do anything.”

Both men met up at the house where they were staying at for the week after police say Bo-Jack fired at least one shot into the air during the scuffle.

Johnson (Bo-Jack) said he was just trying to get the guys off his friend.

“It’s nobody shooting at nobody,” Johnson said.  “I ain’t trying to do that with nobody.”

Both men said they didn’t mean to be disrespectful in any way to Las Vegas.

“To everybody in Las Vegas, we love Las Vegas,” Kingston said.  “Sean Kingston is about unity and feel good music and spreading the love.”

Kingston says he was caught off guard by the incident, but there shouldn’t be any more violence or feuds.

As for Bo-Jack, he’s still facing multiple charges including, assault with a deadly weapon.

Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.