Evidence of other crimes found at Mork’s home


Criminal charges against a Las Vegas man accused of stashing bomb-making materials in his home could stretch beyond terrorism.

Forty-year-old Nicolai Mork is accused of keeping hundreds of pounds of explosive items in his Silverado Ranch home.

The allegations that got Nicolai Mork into trouble Wednesday night are bad enough — keeping hundreds of pounds of bomb making materials in his home. According to police, he was planning to commit terrorist acts.

But even before Mork’s arrest, detectives found more.

As the grand jury indictment against Mork was unveiled Wednesday afternoon, Clark County prosecutors outlined other, potentially serious crimes he may have committed. Most of it contained on 17 hard drives. All of it, disturbing.

“Under skirt photos taken by the defendant where he was hiding a camera in a rolling bag. They found child pornography. They found smut films. They found the defendant having sex with seemingly unconscious women.”

Prosecutors said the only reason there weren’t criminal charges on that information was because detectives were still working through the material.

But prosecutors added one video shows Mork beating a woman. Metro police detectives have identified her.

The district attorney’s office was unable to comment on possible charges only saying Mork is still under investigation.

Mork’s defense attorney declined to comment.

Mork is now being held on $8 million bail. His next court date is on Tuesday.

The FBI released a statement Friday afternoon about their involvement in the case.

“The FBI’s role in the investigation included responding to multiple Molotov cocktail incidents as part of the multi-jurisdictional CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) Task Force.  It was determined the prosecution of this matter would be most effectively pursued through the local District Attorney’s Office.  The FBI remained involved in the investigation, supporting local efforts.”    

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