The families of the 58 victims killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival will benefit from the estate of shooter Stephen Paddock.

His assets will be divided between the families. However, the estate is smaller than what attorneys first predicted.

The gunman’s family decided it would make a greater impact to give the funds to the loved ones of the victims killed.

8 News NOW caught up with one family who stands to benefit from the estate and asked how they feel about it.

Linda Armstrong is visiting the Healing Garden for the first time since the death of a woman she came to love as her own daughter.

Twenty-eight-year-old Andrea Castilla is the sister of Armstrong’s soon to be daughter-in-law.

“We planted a little succulent with some flowers, give it some color. She loved colored. She loved butterflies,” Armstrong said.

Castilla and 57 others killed during the mass shooting will now benefit from the estate of gunman Stephen Paddock.

In a one-page court document, his mother, the sole heir, handed over her rights to the estate to all 58 victims.

“I think that’s very awesome of her to care and to really give back,” Armstrong said.

An inventory of Paddock’s assets are underway. It’s unclear how much they’re worth but attorneys say he has at least two homes valued at about $1 million.

The estate will be divided equally among the victims.

“It was the family’s decision and it was a very logical decision given the size of the estate,” said attorney Alice Denton.

“It won’t make up for it,” Armstrong said.

But, she admits, it helps.

If they ever see any of that money they would like to use some of it towards something positive. It was Castilla’s dream to help cancer victims through her own passion for make-up after losing her biological mother to the disease.

“God has his ways and she was taken from us,” Armstrong said.

But Armstrong plans to carry on her legacy and never forget the woman who brought so much happiness into their lives.

“We got these. They have her ashes in them so she stays close to my heart. I haven’t taken it off yet and probably won’t for a long time,” Armstrong said.

It could take at least another year for the families to receive funds from the estate. Attorneys say the case still has to go through the probate process.

Meanwhile, the worth of the estate should be known by the end of May when a report of Paddock’s assets are due to a judge.