eSports bars zero in on the Golden Knights action


Major gaming competitions and events held at new eSports arenas located in places like Caesars and the Luxor have included famous players with the games streaming across the globe.

The Vegas Golden Knights have had a stellar season, The Nerd Bar in downtown Las Vegas wants to bring the NHL into the fold.

So it’s launching its own eSports league.

“How do we get that even more excited? Everybody does viewing parties, we do viewing parties here, but how do you get it going,” asked Nick Fotheringham, owner of The Nerd.  “What else, is you get EA’s game, and use it as NHL and just have a great experience. So now, these guys are playing as their favorite players, as their favorite teams in the NHL.”

The Nerd Bar in Las Vegas will be the central hub, but the league will have over 100 locations across the country. Players will compete at their local levels, then advance to regionals, state, and so-on.  All of it includes major cash prizes.

The Nerd eSports league is just getting off the ground.  People who are interested can sign up over the next two weeks.  Although they’re starting with the NHL, the league will also eventually have games like Smash Brothers and Mario Cart.

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