Elaine Wynn says she reported rape allegation to company


Elaine Wynn says she told the general counsel of Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts in 2009 that she had received information alleging her now ex-husband had “raped” an employee in 2005.

Elaine Wynn’s comment came Wednesday during a court hearing in a yearslong civil case involving her, her ex-husband and the casino-operator.

She says general counsel Kimmarie Sinatra later told her the accusation against Steve Wynn was “deemed not to have been an issue of concern for the company” and that it was “handled personally.”

Sinatra’s attorney, Deanna Pettit-Irestone, sent the following statement:

“I disagree vehemently with Elaine Wynn’s testimony.  My recollection, which is clear, is that at no time did Elaine Wynn ever tell me that there was an allegation of rape against Steve Wynn.  In the relevant conversation in which she promised to destroy Steve Wynn and said she didn’t care if that reduced the company’s stock price to zero in the process, Elaine Wynn made an oblique reference to a settlement, and nothing more.”

The special hearing was meant for her attorneys to show that she reported to the company bad acts alleged against her ex-husband and others.

She has argued she was not re-nominated the company’s board of directors in 2015 because of her inquiries into company activities.

Elaine Wynn claimed that her husband was essentially above the law with the company, and wasn’t held accountable for his alleged actions.

The Wynn Resorts attorneys peppered Elaine Wynn with questions related to any proof, such as a paper trail showing that she reported the incident, and other later “bad acts” involving other company executives.

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