LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Affordable housing plans are underway for an area in east Las Vegas as the city engages in talks with a developer about the project.

The Desert Pines Golf Course on Bonanza and Pecos roads is the location the City of Las Vegas is eyeing, and it’s set to be home to thousands of Las Vegas residents in search of affordable housing, according to the city.

On Wednesday, the city will officially enter a 180-day exclusive negotiation agreement with Missouri developer McCormack Baron Salazar, which currently has properties in California, according to their website.

This would be the developer’s first property in Nevada. The city previously bought the site from the course private contractor for $8 million.

The mixed-use plan calls for two-thirds of the hundred-acre site to be redeveloped into residential, commercial, civic, and education facilities with 10% dedicated to open space.

Eventually, the project would bring more than 1,800 multi-family units, 80 single-family units, 79 townhouse units, and 224 senior housing units.

The project is in the early stages, and residents have mixed feelings about the plan.

Some people said on social media that they wish to keep the golf course around, but others are happy more affordable housing is coming to the area.

“Lately a lot of the apartment complexes have been bought out by different companies and they’ve remolded and raised the rates, a combination at the same time not always in exact fluency, but sometimes they’re raising the rates before they’re doing anything and so a lot of people are being forced out,” said resident Lamar Oglesby.

The city told 8 News Now that a timeline for construction is probably premature at this point, as the development agreement phase comes next.