Early voting numbers continue to impress; Nevada could see record turnout


A record number of people have signed up to vote this year, and soon Nevada could see a record turnout by the time early voting ends on Friday. 

Nevada voters have been casting ballots for 10 full days now, and they are on the cusp of beating the average turnout for mid-term elections.

There are still three days of early voting that has yet to be counted.  That includes Friday, which is traditionally a very busy day for early voting. 

Here’s how things stack up so far: As of Wednesday morning, Nevada voters have already beaten the turnout in two of the past four mid-term elections, and may be on the way to beating the record. 

Since 2004, there have been four mid-term elections in Nevada featuring early voting. Turnout as a percentage of all active registered voters has ranged from 24 percent to nearly 40 percent. The average over those elections is 29.8 percent. 

As of Wednesday morning, the turnout was at 29.6 percent, just shy of the average. That means with three more days to go, it’s possible Nevada could reach or even exceed the record turnout of 39 percent, which was set back in 2010.   

Overall, more than 460,000 of Nevada’s 1.5 million active registered voters have cast their ballots so far, either by voting early or by mail. Of those who have voted thus far, Democrats are slightly ahead at 41.5 percent, with Republicans at 39 percent. 

Non-partisan and minor party voters comprise the remaining 19.5 percent.

In terms of actual votes, Democrats have a lead of just 11,800 votes statewide. That means contests such as U.S. Senate and the governor’s race could be very close races. 

Since 2002, between 41 and 60 percent of people who cast ballots chose to do so during early voting instead of waiting until election day. That means Nevada should have a fairly good idea of what the final turnout for the 2018 general election could be once early voting wraps up.     

Remember, you can cast your ballot at any voting center, both in early voting and on election day. Locations of early voting centers and their hours can be found on the Clark County Elections Department website, as well as in your sample ballot. 

But if you can’t get to the polls by Friday, your only other option will be to vote on election day, which is next Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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