The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says car crashes are the number one killer of Nevada’s teenagers.

As we get closer to summer, a local non-profit is trying to steer young drivers toward safer driving habits.

Driver’s Edge gives teens a hands-on lesson in awareness and what to do when the unexpected happens.

The training session comes just before the Hundred Deadliest Days of Summer which stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Around 700 teenage drivers and their parents attended Sunday’s event. Some even from out of state.

Troopers and professional race car drivers taught skid control, lane change maneuvers and panic braking distractions to instill that “what-if” mentality in students.

It’s practical training  18-year-old Justin Dunlap wish he learned earlier:

“Six months after I got my license, I slid and flipped my car two-and-a-half times, and I didn’t know what to do and I could have avoided it if I took this course,” Dunlap said.

Driver’s Edge says its program grows more popular each time. They hold several of these courses throughout the year.

Their next session starts this September.

While the NHTSA says car crashes among teens is on the rise, Driver’s Edge reports the rate in Nevada is no longer spiking.