Douglas Haig: ‘He said he was going to put on a light show.’


“We can’t read people’s minds; we can’t see what’s lurks inside all people. Some people are very good at hiding it. I just don’t like being tricked,” said Douglas Haig in an interview with CBS News. During the early stages of Metro Police’s investigation into the deadly 1 October shooting, Haig was named as one of two persons of interest. 

Haig, represented by his Phoenix attorneys Marc Victor and Andrew Marcantel, has not been charged. His attorneys say he continues to cooperate with investigators. 

Stephen Paddock’s longtime girlfriend Marilou Danley was the other. However, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said earlier this month he does not expect  Danely to be arrested.  It is unclear whether Haig is still identified as a person of interest.

Lombardo said he believes paddock was the only gunman.

8 News NOW dug deeper into the 300-pages of arrest warrants for the 1 October shooting that a judge released Tuesday against Metro’s wishes.

The documents revealed police found 21 rifles, more than 5,000 live rounds, and about 1,000 casings.

When Metro Police spoke with Haig, he told detectives that he sold ammunition to Paddock one month before the shooting.

The sale took place days before the shooting massacre out of Haig’s home in Mesa, Arizona. This got the attention of the FBI. 

“I feel horrible, Haig said. “I racked; I’m still racking my brain for, ‘what did I miss. Why didn’t I pick this up,'”

Haig told CBS News he sold specialized military ammunition out of his home but shut down operations in the weeks after Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, killing 58 people, and wounding more than 800 others.

Haig, again who has not been charged with anything, says he was questioned and served with a search warrant after a box with his information was found in Paddock’s room, but he insists there’s no other connection other than more than 700 tracer rounds he sold the gunman.

“The one thing he did say when he was at my house, is he said he was going to put on a light show,” Haig said.

Jeff Serdy, the owner of AJI Sporting Goods, says those factors wouldn’t raise a red flag for him.  Serdy is also the mayor of neighboring city, Apache Junction.

“With the type of shooting that we do out here in the west with the open spaces, yeah, sometimes we’ll go out at night and shoot,” Serdy said.

Serdy also says he’s familiar with Haig.

“I’ve seen him at shows, and I buy estates, so I buy things that have been in existence from World War II, and I believe he’s purchased some stuff from me over the years,” Serdy said.

8 News NOW spoke with Haig’s attorney, and he says he’s now advising Haig not to make any comments. However, they plan to hold a press conference Friday morning.

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