Doug Haig receives death threats following 1 October shooting


Doug Haig says his life has changed significantly because his name wasn’t redacted from a search warrant issued following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.

“I’ve had people pounding on my door, death threats, one woman screaming through my door that I should die,” Haig said, at a Friday morning news conference with his two attorneys in Chandler, Arizona.

Haig’s name and address happened to be on a box of ammunition found in gunman Stephen Paddock’s hotel room in Mandalay Bay.

Law enforcement says there is no indication that Haig, who was identified as a “person of interest” in the court documents, had any knowledge or  involvement of the shooting.

Haig, who is an aerospace engineer, had a home business selling ammunition and sold Paddock 720 rounds of tracer ammunition in Sept. 2017. Paddock had gone to Haig’s home and purchased the ammunition in a routine transaction. Haig said, there was nothing unusual about their interaction and had he suspected anything he would not have sold him the ammunition and contacted law enforcement.

Haig was unaware of the shooting in Las Vegas until the next morning when he was contacted by federal agents. He said, he was sickened and horrified by the shooting which left 58 people dead and 800 injured.

None of the ammunition Haig sold to Paddock was used in the mass shooting.

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