LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Donny Osmond’s name has been cemented in history as synonymous with Las Vegas, and 8 News Now’s Donny Osmond Week continues as the legend sat down with Heather Mills to discuss his early days.

Singing alongside his brothers when his career launched at the tender age of five, Osmond quickly rose to fame, becoming a teen heartthrob.

“There’s one I remember in London. We were doing a television show and we went outside and somebody told all the thousands of fans over on the front, ‘They’re in the back,’ and they come rushing in the back,” Osmond said. “We’re running on the streets of London. It was like a hard day’s night, right? And my brother Alan, he’s in the lead. ‘Come on, guys, they’re gonna attack us,’ and I’m smiling… and we duck into the restaurant and hide under the table and I am thinking, ‘This is awesome.'”

While that bubble gum pop feel was happening, the Osmonds were also trying to find an edgier groove.

“So, Alan said, we’ve gotta be tough. We gotta show a hard side. A tough side,” Osmond said.

As could be expected, they added karate to their stage routine.

“And people laugh when I say, yeah, Chuck Norris was my karate teacher,” he said.

From breaking boards on stage to breaking records with hit songs, “Donny & Marie” also launched.

“The cool thing about working with Marie or family in general, at least my family, we all figured out early on thanks to my dad,” Osmond said while pointing out that there were certainly still creative differences.

“There were times with Marie, ‘So we’re not gonna do it….Yes, we’re gonna,'” he recalled. “And the curtain goes up a little bit. It was so funny, and after the show, we looked at each other. That was the best show we’ve ever done.”

But not everything has turned out perfectly, and he said that was okay.

“My career has been up and down and everywhere in between, and at this point in my life, I look back and I appreciate the down times,” he said.

Osmond’s resiliency and ability to reinvent himself comes from his family, he said.

“My dad had always had a saying, ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well.’”

You can watch the second of five exclusive interviews 8 News Now will feature with Osmond every day this week in the video player above.