LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Five dogs rescued from the South Korean meat trade arrived at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas Sunday morning on a flight from Seoul. It’s a chance for these dogs to have a normal life as someone’s pet.

“We just want to get them out of the horrific conditions they live in,” said Lewie Guay, a volunteer with Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas.

The dogs were rescued by Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas. This was the first shipment of rescued dogs since the COVID pandemic started more than two years. The rescue, which is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, said breeds such as golden retrievers and labrador retrievers are easy targets for meat farms because of their friendly nature. Their meat is also considered a delicacy. The group also rescues other dog breeds.

“We get labs, golden retrievers, some corgis. They come in all shapes and sizes,” Guay said.

Five dogs rescued from Korean meat market arrive in Las Vegas. (Credit: Retriever Rescue)

He added that two more dogs, who were flown into Los Angeles, will be transported to Las Vegas and additional dogs will be coming later in the month.

The average rescue of a dog costs $1,000 for overseas rescue, medical bills, shelter, boarding, vaccines, and travel. Donations allow the organization to make more rescues.

The dogs typically have adoptive families already waiting for them but if you are interested in fostering or adopting a rescued dog you can find more information here.